6 Hours Passport to Ride Kite Lesson Package
6 Hours Passport to Ride Kite Lesson Package
4.9 (103)  
St Kilda, VIC 3182
  • Highlights
    • 6-hour Private Lesson Program (or semi-private if you bring a friend). 
    • We will 100% work with any level of rider to help you progress from where you’re already up to. 
    • Cutting-Edge Equipment and Gear Included.

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  • Overview

    Whether jumping straight in or upgrading from ‘Kite Pilot’ or ‘Hit the Water’ stages, this program will take all the skills you have learned previously and, by adding boards skills have you up and riding. There is nothing quite like the feeling of your first ride when it all comes together!

    80% of kiteboarding is kite control. This important 1st step is the fastest and safest way to develop solid kite skills while learning about the wind, power zones, safety and kiteboarding equipment. The first hour of this lesson is on the beach before heading to the water for another hour of fun, progression, and the beginnings of your new addiction! (2 Hours)

    Guaranteed addiction… From the safety of the water you will learn powered body drags, how to re-launch your kite and self-rescue techniques. Your goal is safe confident control in the water. (2 Hours)

    This is the day you get on the board! This lesson is designed to take all the skills you have learned previously and, by adding board skills have you kiteboarding safely and successfully on your own. There is nothing quite like the feeling of your first ride when it all comes together. (2 Hours)

  • What's included?
    • 6 hour Private Lesson Program (or semi-private if you bring a friend)
    • Kite Pilot Lesson + Hit the Water Lesson + Board Rider Lesson
    • All equipment Provided
    • 100% IKO qualified Instructors
    • Newest and best quality kiteboarding gear
    • Most experienced kiteboarding KRew
    • IKO Certification, Gear Fitting Sessions, and KR Kiteboarding T-Shirt!

    Most people prefer to break the lessons into 2 hour sessions, however we are happy to be flexible and work to whatever setup if best for you.

  • Location

    Beaconsfield Parade, St Kilda West VIC 3182, Australia

  • Customer Reviews for Kite Republic


    103 reviews
    Leo Engel
    Leo Engel
    5 months ago

    Wow!!! I am so happy I went here to get my kites repaired!! I've only met Davide and Carlos and they are amazing. Davide ordered some parts for me, went above and beyond to help me and reliably called me once delivered. He truly helped me like a friend and surly didn't try to up sell me at all. I am almost speechless. Thank you so much guys!! this shop is an institution!! Love it. ☀️☀️☀️

    Ronit Moll
    Ronit Moll
    a month ago

    Kite Republic is simply the best local shop around! The people here are amazing, creating a warm and friendly atmosphere that makes every visit a joy. It's not just a store; it's a community hub where locals connect, share stories, and enjoy fantastic events. The selection of products is top-notch, reflecting the care and passion of the team. Highly recommend!

    Neil McRobinson
    Neil McRobinson
    a month ago

    Thanks so much Davide for giving us a wonderful first-up experience of paddle boarding. Your instruction was first class, which led to us having lots of fun and feeling totally safe while doing so. We would recommend anyone who wants to experience something new and relaxing to have a go at paddle boarding. Much appreciated, Neil and Lyn.

    Matthias Saulich
    Matthias Saulich
    3 months ago

    After relocating to Melbourne earlier this year I made my way to Kite Republic to get an understanding of the spots, the conditions and the community. The crew at Kite Republic was super helpful to fill me in with all the details and when it got time to renew my kit they took great care to get me the best suitable set at a great price. Shop is really well stocked and the process was very smooth. Really thankful to have these guys here, they impersonate the best in kitesurfer. Cheers Matthias

    Stax Ofish
    Stax Ofish
    2 years ago

    Seen a kite on the water and gone "how awesome is that" then wondered "could I really get into this sport?" That was me 3 years ago, I walked in the Kite Republic Shop not having a clue then walking out having booked for lessons then returned shortly after kit myself up for my adventures. The guys are awesome, no matter what level your at they have you covered.

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    • Experience Type: Outdoor
    • Activity Level: Relaxed
    • Skill Level: Beginner
    • ID Required: Yes
    • Booking Required: Yes

    1. Who can kiteboard?
    Kiteboarding/kitesurfing is for anyone reasonably fit, comfortable in the water, and keen enough to persist and learn. For the smaller groms, we require a minimum weight of 40 – 45kg.

    Technique and coordination are a lot more important than strength.

    2. Is kiteboarding difficult to learn?
    No, however many factors can impact the learning timeframe; the rider’s commitment, availability, environment, and most importantly the weather – since the sport is dependent on the correct wind conditions.

    When these things fall into place, learning to kiteboard is an achievable challenge and extremely addictive! Our IKO-qualified instructors help make the learning process easier, fun and safe!

    3. Is kiteboarding dangerous?
    With a responsible approach, no, but lessons with a qualified instructor are essential for beginners! A qualified instructor will cover all the safety procedures and key information required before you can go out on your own. This will increase the student’s understanding, motivation, and skills to avoid dangerous situations.

    4. Do you need a lot of upper body strength?
    No. This is a common misconception. The majority of the power from the kite is directly transferred into the harness, not your upper body. Isometric endurance in the core/lower body is helpful at the start when coordinating the kite, power, direction, and stance, although relaxed technique and practised coordination takes over the need for brute strength.

    5. Will I fly away into the ocean?
    No. Kiteboarders only go out in safe and adequate wind and weather conditions that match their experience and abilities. Ensure you know your self-rescue technique and how to read the wind strength and direction. Your qualified instructor will cover this in lessons. For example, if you imagine yourself standing on the beach the wind may blow you toward the sand (onshore) or toward the ocean (offshore). Kiteboarders only kite when the wind is blowing towards the sand to always allow a safe return. We do not kite when the wind is offshore. In some places over the world, the exception is whether a boat is available for rescue.

    6. What wind conditions can I go out in?
    As per Q5, think first about the simplest scenario of the wind blowing towards the sand (onshore) or towards the water (offshore). Now, we also have cross-shore (directly along the shoreline, left or right) and cross-onshore (on an angle towards the sand) – these winds are ideal for kiteboarding!  Not only will you be brought back to the shore, but also winds coming from the ocean are more consistent than if coming from the land and obstacles. We don’t kite in offshore winds, as it is unsafe and difficult to return. Direct onshore wind is also not ideal as it will cramp your style and you end up on the sand too quickly. If you are unfamiliar with your location, make sure you ask for advice about potential hazards.

    Depending on your weight and kite size, you will have a minimum and maximum suitable wind strength. In stronger winds, you would require a smaller kite with less power and vice versa. Generally speaking, an 80kg rider on an 11m kite would be able to kite roughly between 16 and 22knots.

    7. Does previous experience in other board sports help with kiteboarding?
    Yes, previous board sports experience will help your board control. Although kite control is key in kiteboarding, so we recommend using a Trainer Kite to have these skills aced!

    8. How much does a complete kiteboarding package cost?
    Kite gear varies depending on the model/make and season of the equipment. We try our best to offer individually suited packages with the best deals possible. To get an idea, NEW Packages start from $3-4K. PRE-LOVED Packages can offer great savings if you are willing to forego warranty and brand-new items. We also offer the latest and the greatest high-end equipment with outstanding engineering and the newest specs – contact us for a quote and to pick our brains about our diverse range.

    9. I’m not ready to go out alone, what should I do?
    It’s understandable that it may take some time to feel comfortable out on the water and we always recommend going out with another kiting mate. To help meet make this easier you can join Melbourne’s most active Watersports Community through the KR CLUB. Come along to Club Night where you will meet an awesome group of like-minded people ready to join you for a kite session. KR CLUB also organises Ride Days, Camp Weekends, International Escape Tours, Snow Kiting Tours, Clinics and more!

    10. Do you offer lessons for kiteboarders who want to improve their skills?
    Yes, here at KR we have a range of experienced instructors to help you learn or improve new skills and achieve new goals and tricks. Contact us to book a Progression Lesson or to organise a Headset Coach lesson.


    • Lesson packages need to be paid in full at the time of booking. Once paid for, lessons and are not refundable. Lessons are transferable to another person however not transferable to a store credit. Lessons must be completed within 12 months of payment. After that time, any unused time and monies are forfeited.

    • If you will not be able to attend a lesson or club event you must cancel or reschedule by 5.00pm the day prior to avoid any deductions. If you do not provide that notice, or do not turn up for a lesson, the time will be deducted from your lesson or club package. If you fail to show up on time for your scheduled lesson, the amount of time you are late will be deducted from the total lesson time.

    • We recommend you commence lessons early (and certainly within nine months of payment), or, if you are only in Melbourne for a short time, you should allow some weeks for completion. If you have purchased group lessons and do not already have your own group, you should plan to conduct your lessons between November and March (inclusive). Leaving it to other times may mean we are unable to schedule other students at your standard at the same time.

    • If the weather is considered unsuitable or we need to cancel your lesson or club event, we will do our best to call you with sufficient notice, but sometimes the weather changes unexpectedly. Where a lesson is cancelled, or shortened by Kite Republic, the unused portion is rescheduled. In the event of a postponement or cancellation, your lesson or club activity will be rescheduled to the next available time. Kite Republic strives to get you riding and will do everything possible to reschedule your lesson or club event promptly!
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