Hello! We are The Yoga Creative

At The Yoga Creative, we are continuing this long and proud tradition of women championing the human condition through Gita Yoga, Yin Yoga, Yoga Relaxation, Therapy, Art, Creativity, and self-connectivity.

The Yoga Creative is a space where like minds gather in a fit-for-purpose studio that is designed to enrich your practice and connect with yourself once again. Our Studio is fused with a contemporary art gallery to engage curious minds. The richness of Gita Yoga techniques forms our DNA where we are continuing this long and proud tradition of Women championing the human condition. This inspires the most natural, positive, mental, and physical pathways. The Yoga Creative embraces a wide range of yoga styles and practices, treatments, and meditation complete with a mini shop.

We celebrate our Yoga community and curate a space for yoga enthusiasts, beginners, and advanced students from all walks of life to learn, heal, rejuvenate and grow their practice and a place teachers can share their wisdom.

The Yoga Creative
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